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“Zestra” Arousal Product For Women Review

Kris Jenner for ZestraTo any family member (that means YOU Mom), this may just put you into therapy..do NOT read!

“Zestra” Essential Arousal Oils(tm) is a product to heighten sexual satisfaction in women.  On the box of the three individually wrapped packettes it states that “All women deserve sexual satisfaction”.

I agree…but does it really work?

I bought this on a whim one night when I was buying my Encare Inserts (my birth control method of choice right now), and I thought hey, I have a date scheduled with the Hubs tonight, why not give it a try? I put out the $11, thinking that yes, if this works, I have found the Holy Grail; a product that can work like Viagra for women, and turn us into the satisfied minxes we all want to be.

So….unbeknownst to the hubby, I applied this before our rendevous, noting that on the package it stated that:

“Within 3 to 5 minutes, most women experience the pleasant,
tingly and/or warming sensation we call the Zestra Rush™. For a
few, the sensation may result in a temporary feeling of

Ummm..yep, the latter..that would be me. In all fairness to Zestra, though, any kind of lubricant that has a “scent” or “flavor” or claims to “tingle” has the same effect.

If you have ever had a U.T.I (urinary tract infection), you are familiar with the burning, very unpleasant feeling of needing to pee, but not being able..I had this, and felt…well…”full” (I could pee, but felt a very bizarre feeling of being I guess “engorged” in my nether region).  I thought that I would have to cancel my date, but I braved on ( the hubby was not and still is not aware of my experiment).

I was planning to put on my favorite lubricant “Good, Clean Love” (it recently won over my old go-to and still awesome “Astroglide”), but I must say I didn’t need any after putting this on (not that it stimulated my own body to create it, I think the fact that it is an oil helped). Zestra boasts being hormone-free, so I assumed this would be a site-specific boost, rather than the effect of my testosterone cream which helps with the actual feeling of enamour and desire.

I was right.

So, at the moment of  initial “joining” I felt quite a flutter, and thought, okay, this is good..am I going to feel the “fireworks”? Hmmm, yes, I felt a little more “sensitive”, but can’t say that that was what brought me to the edge..I would say that it is noticeable, but I didn’t think the product itself contributed to my pleasure; I give the hubby credit for that.

Which brings me to my final thoughts: you can stimulate the clitorus and labia as much as you want, but in my very humble opinion, sex for women is in the MIND, and THAT is the most stimulating..I digress:

Imagine you have had a hell day; kids screaming and fighting, dishes in the sink, spouse being a jerk..I’m sorry, but no amount of artificial (but well meaning) body-specific stimulant is not going to change what is in your head (I am ticked off, stressed, and the last thing I want to do is make love).

So, if you are in the mood, your partner was sweet, compassionate, and nuturing that day, and you want something to give a “boost” to your experience, this may be for you. If it is a situation where you feel that physically you could use a little “extra” sensitivity, yes, this could help. Do I think that it could “get you over the hump” and get you to orgasm despite what your partner does? I’m not fully convinced; you will still need to communicate what feels good and remember that intercourse itself does not usually end in orgasm for women;clitoral stimulation (in addition to, or alone) is what achieves that end. In a nutshell, you still need to be familiar with how your body works and be able to let your partner know what works and what doesn’t/. This isn’t, unfortunately, a “magic bullet”, but I say:

Heck, why not? Give it a try…it may work wonders for you, and something promoted by Kris Jenners has to be good stuff (love that gal…yeah, I said it, haters). Click on Kris’s name and a $5 coupon will pop up.



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