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So What is This C-section”Frightful Flap”?!

Yep, I have one. They call it a “Mother’s Apron” (isn’t that SWEET), but I think of it as deflated-balloon-saggy-old-man-belly in my head. Yes, ladies, it is the pooch of skin right above the scar from our surgery. Never had I imagined that it wouldn’t be the scar that would bother me, but rather the indentation  it left behind, resulting in a “shelf”of fat and skin hanging over it.

A survey of over 200 women confirmed that over 95% of all women who have a Cesarean surgery has this “hang” above the incision site. Over 80% replied that it bothered them “somewhat” or “very much”.

Is anyone getting depressed yet? I hope not. Actually, my saggy belly (which is making my chest look pretty good these days, at least) is the reason I created this product. I was aghast that there was nothing on the market today to hide my c-section belly during intimate times, so I created the SexCies line of lingerie. I was sick of throwing a sheet my stomach and insisting we keep the lights out!!

Oh and a sidenote: there are woman out there who are very proud of their tummies, and I am really so happy for them! I just happen not to be one of them….I figure until I see a Victoria Secret model strutting down the catwalk with a Cesarean tummy hanging out for all to admire, I am of the mind that I want to cover mine.

I found a link that made me feel better, and at least not alone:http://theshapeofamother.com/

So yes, ladies, it is coming soon…something that we can wear to make us feel “uninhibited” again. Maybe keep the lights on, too! 😉


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