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Sex and the Breastfeeding Mother


One of my favorite people in the world, Maddie Kertay, has started a fantastic blog on sex and relationships (and so much more!) at www.1hotmarriage.com. Seeing as Maddie has 6 kids, is a regulation hottie, and has one of the most solid marriages I have ever heard of, I pay attention to what she has to say. Here is one of her latest blog entries, bravely and candidly  tackling a topic most bloggers (and women) stay away from:

Sex and the Breastfeeding MotherI am an unrepentant fan of breastfeeding. I make no excuses that I breastfed all my children. Sometimes in tandem and most for well over 3 years each. I think breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do to get your child off to a healthy start. I not only breastfed for over 12 years, I spent many of those years as a lactation consultant working with mothers on a variety of issues from inverted nipples to inducing lactation in order to breastfeed an adopted baby.

I have learned  the questions and secret fears women and men hold when it comes to breastfeeding, and there are a lot of them!

Not everyone chooses to nurse and some encounter roadblocks that end their nursing relationship earlier than they had wanted otherwise. Lack of support, pain and mis-education about how to gracefully navigate the issues of sexuality and breastfeeding are all reasons mothers quit early or never start in the first place. Luckily a little education  goes a long way in building support and understanding on this subject.

The Early Weeks

In the early weeks of breastfeeding  it is like learning to dance with a new partner, one who really wants you to lift your shirt all the time! Cracked nipples ( from improper latch on), general soreness and engorgement are common.   Where you used to have a set of 34B’s you now have a set of double DD’s that your husband can’t keep his eyes off  and wants to get his hands on. You are not sure what the heck to do with these melons on your chest  and your shirts don’t fit anymore!

Hopefully you did lots  of reading while pregnant but sometimes there are questions that some books just don’t answer.

Many mothers harbor a deep worry that the act of breastfeeding…..(read more of this intriguing article by clicking here).


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