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Proud owner of a SexCies CorCelette

This was submitted on the “discussions” page of the SexCies Facebook page…we love to hear from our Mamacitas! 🙂

See the review posted here: https://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=145811515462450&topic=376

I was the lucky winner of one of the sexcies corcelletes and let me just say…I AM IN LOVE. It is so well crafted and luxurious. I was so sad to see so much terrible quality underwear and lingerie crafted for women with c-sections I was horrified. You know the type. The conundrums crafted of nylon and spandex in jaundiced shades of nude and shiny blacks. They make you feel bulky and embarrassed to undress in plain sight. This is MUCH different however. The color is a slightly matte black material that is soft and supple. The inside is lined with the most superb fur that is quite the treat in itself. The lace bordering the top is classy and stylish the ruffles along the bottom are nowhere near the realm of childish but the perfect mixture of class and girly. The laces are strong and have no hint of give when you tighten it. There is no pooch and it flattens all the right places. Just slipping it on makes you feel a little like the old time pin up girls the perfect mix of class and sexy. It’s a true delight to wear. There is NOTHING like this on the market and Suzy has carved out quite the niche. This will be hard for anyone to compete with. Contemplating buying one of these? Dont. Just do it this is a purchase that youll be hard pressed to regret!


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