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Why was “Shapewear for the Bedroom” created?

After my daughter was born via an emergency C-section, I found myself lying on the operating table, grateful for the end of such a traumatic event as well as for her healthy cries in the next room. Everything now calm, it occurred to me that I had no idea what the aftermath of the surgery was like.

I asked the Doctor, who was sewing me up at the time, “So what’s the deal ‘down there’? What should I expect? Is there a chance of infection? Will it be hard for me to breastfeed my baby?”

The Doctor patted my hand and said condescendingly, “Well, don’t worry dear, no one but your husband will see it”.

Ummmm, okaaaay. I didn’t ask THAT, but now that he mentioned it…I paused.

“Uh, yeah, okay…but my husband will see it, so…?”

He smiled and kept on stitching.

What occurred to me later (much later, after the post-partum period that I was enjoying my baby and couldn’t of cared less if I showered once a week) was that it wasn’t the scar that bothered me, but the flap of skin that hung over it. The best way I found to describe how it looked like to people was “deflated, hanging, old-man tummy.” I deemed it (jokingly)‘”The Frightful Flap”.

After my second C-section two years later I found out it got worse; my tummy hung down even more! I was having some issues with intimacy. My husband (God bless him) was so comforting,”I think you are BEAUTIFUL,” he would tell me (and I believed, and still do, that he means that). Still, I was very self-conscious, despite his reassurances. I just didn’t feel as “sexy” as I used to. I turned to my girlfriends and asked them what they did during intimacy to hide their “flap”. I got the following answers:

I leave the lights off…he doesn’t get to see and if he gets near my tummy, I smack his hand away.”

“I use a sheet, and carefully place it around my stomach; one hand is always holding that sheet in place.”

And the last answer, was the one that really got to me:

“I don’t make love with my husband anymore. I’m too embarrassed.”

WHOA…not good.

Around the same time I had been comforting a friend who survived cancer, but had scars all across her abdomen as a result of her cancer-removal surgery. “I HATE this,” she moaned,” my stomach looks like a roadmap”. Same thing, her partner told her she was beautiful and it didn’t matter. “I know she means it, I just can’t get MY mind off it when we are together. I feel disfigured, and even though she says SHE doesn’t mind..well, I do!”

It was then it clicked. I HAD to do something. I wanted to reach out to my fellow sisters, and help them. NOT to say they weren’t beautiful, but to say, ‘I understand that sometimes we don’t feel as confident as we would like to, and maybe this will help.’ Who’s Your Mommy, LLC was “born”.

Suzy worked feverishly researching the market, doing patent searches and writing patent applications (much of the time while giving her toddler a piggy-back ride and nursing a baby). She learned as much as she could about the garment industry, consulted with pattern and samplemakers, and was helped by many “insiders” (to whom she is forever grateful). The result was the SexCies™ line; sexy and sophisticated lingerie that can be worn during intimate times that completely hide the scars and folds from C-section and any other abdominal surgeries. She is grateful for the constant emails of support and enthusiasm, and hopes that her invention succeeds in helping fellow women feel more confident and sensual.

To get your hands on the SexCies CorCelette, click here.


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