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“Is it Wrong to Have Sex With Your Baby in Your Bed?” Hot Topic @ The View

A new article in the San Francisco Chronicle discussed whether or not it is a good idea to have sex with children in what has become to be known as “the family bed”. Today on The View the panelists weighed into the pros and cons.

“Absolutely, if it is a baby,” said Sherri Shepherd.

“I think there are so many romance killers, if you have a window of opportunity you better take it…while the baby is sleeping.. because if a child is up and he can understand what you are doing, that is the first sign that he shouldn’t be sleeping in the bed with you.”

Barbara Walters stated Psychologists say it’s okay, “as long as you aren’t making noise.”

The ladies went on to discuss the dangers of the family bed, and the possibility of smothering the baby (which they admitted was a whole other topic).

My husband and I don’t share a bed (he snores) so I don’t have this issue. What pops into my mind is the “bouncing” factor, and wouldn’t it be possible that the baby could roll? At the same time (and you know me) I agree with Sherri that it is important for parents to connect any chance they can get.

What do YOU think? Is it no big deal or just plain wrong?


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