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International “Don’t Fake It” Day, And Here Are My Reasons To Not Do It Every Day Of The Year

Evidently, Cosmopolitan Magazine wants us all to be honest today.

On the 4th Hour of the Today Show, Hoda and Kathie Lee spoke of the “International Don’t Fake It Day”, which is today. AsWoman telling a secret ridiculous as it sounds, I think it to be a good concept. Here are the reasons why I don’t think you should EVER “fake it” (and this is to the 86% of women in the Cosmo survey who admitted to doing it):

#1)  If you do, you are misleading your partner into thinking that what he did is “right”:

Men take mental notes. If you reinforce something random by faking an orgasm, your partner will be so happy that he found “what does it for you” and is likely to repeat the same moves the next time…why teach him that what is “wrong”, is “right”?

#2) What is your objective?

Yes, you may be tired and want to go to sleep, but faking the big O is not the way to get some Z’s as quickly as possible. If this is truly the case (that you care more about sleep than sex) focus on getting him to that point. Then it will be over more quickly, if that is your objective (if it is, why agree to make love in the first place?)

#3) It demeans you:

What it essentially comes down to is that  you are sacrificing your real pleasure to pander to his ego…why be artificial? Why not be your true self and hey, if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t, but don’t pull a Meryl Streep just to make him feel more like a man.

#4) It put distance between you in your relationship:

Making love is that most personal expression of two people’s love for one another. Once you bring deception (however “innocent” you think faking it is) into the mix, it detracts from the integrity of your relationship and bond. Call me old fashioned, but this beautiful gift of sex should not be cheapened by theatrics. It devalues you both.

Sooo, Suzy, if this is that case, how do we get to the real thing? Well, since there are a great many tips and tricks that may be way too graphic to post here, please become a VIP member by signing up for our (very occasional) newsletter here (we hate spam and will NEVER share any of your information or email address).


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  1. Kimberly, November 21, 2012
    For the life of me, I rarely can climax during intercourse. Heck it is even difficult to climax by myself. My husband was the first person to ever be capable. Knowing my difficulties, we discovered that orally is the strongest, quickest and easiest method. I just wish I was one of those ladies that could experience it as a normal part of intercourse!! Reply

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