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How a Widower Warmed My Heart…

I was on the phone a few weeks ago (preparing for the soft launch of SexCies) inquiring into banners, signs, etc. I was speaking to a sign company owner (I will call him “Frank”) and he told me that regretfully, he would be unable to help me because his company was so booked up with work for Light Up Night. We started talking and he asked what my product was. I told him it was a specialty line of lingerie for women with C-sections and other abdominal surgeries, for example Cancer removing surgeries. I explained that it covers the scars and folds created by such procedures. “Oh, I get it” he exclaimed, “You are changing women’s lives!”

Loved that!! I told him that that is exactly what my mission was. He asked me if I was a cancer survivor, and I told him no, I just had two C-sections, but I was so happy to hear that he “got it” about my product. He then went on to tell me that his first wife (only in her 30’s, with a small child)  had died of cancer, and that before she had she had a terrible scar from her abdomen to her ribcage that had made her terribly self-conscious. Of course, at the time he said he wasn’t worried about such things but it really used to bother her.

“She would have LOVED your product,” he told me.

Yep, that got me crying..what a testament about to what degree this can be an issue for women. Here this poor woman was, ravaged with cancer and dying, and she was spending her precious time and energy having to be so self-conscious about her poor tummy.

If I have a product that can ease women’s minds and make them feel beautiful and sexy again, then I feel that I have done my job here on earth..and perhaps that has been my purpose for being here all along.


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