Exciting patent-pending features:

(To see the YouTube video of each feature, click on its title)

  • The Fold Flattener(tm) This special material within targets, covers, and flattens your abdominal “flap” folds, excess skin, and/or fat, as well as any stretch marks or scars
  • Adjustability Now you aren’t forced to spend precious dollars again and again; you invest once, and SexCies is adjustable with a weight gain or loss up to 20 lbs(especially helpful in the post-partum period)
  • Luxurious Faux Fur Lining Yes, it is EXTREMELY comfortable! This Comfort Control feature eliminates the typical “scratchies” of regular intimate apparel; especially soothing to those with C-section or any other  scars
  • Discreet Panty: This means you can wear your CorCelette  before, during and after intimacy: your tummy remains covered..just remove the panty portion when you are ready, or chose to keep it off the entire time
  • The SeCret Smile This unique shape at the front of your CorCelette allows for full range of movement, while still completely flattening your most problematic  area; the lower tummy.. covering even the dreaded C-section “flap” and post-partum “pooch”



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