Frequently Asked Questions: 

(Note: the most important ones are starred for your convenience)

*What is SexCies; Shapewear for the Bedroom?

It is shapewear built into lingerie that you wear during intimacy to smooth your tummy! It is the only patent-pending product of its kind.

What does it do, exactly?

SexCies hides and flattens tummy fat, folds, puckering and/or scarring due to childbirth, weight loss or gain, or abdominal surgery. It perfectly covers cellulite and stretch marks…basically, anything you don’t like about your tummy (upper and lower).

*Is it shapewear or is it lingerie?

Both! The reason this is a unique product is that although it functions as shapewear, it is completely disguised as lingerie! Your partner will never suspect that the reason you are wearing this sexy lingerie is because you want your tummy hidden; he will just be ecstatic because of your new level of confidence!

Sounds great, but what is the purpose of this product?

To give women their confidence back (that’s the “C” in “SexCies”)! The reason SexCies was created was to rid women of the anxiety associated with our perceived physical “imperfections”. SexCies is made to empower women; to allow us to be the sensual women we are and enjoy intimacy with our partners without having to waste mental energy on what makes us self-conscious.

I’m still not getting it..when do you wear it? Can it be worn under my clothes?

SexCies is designed to be worn before, during, and after intimacy, thus (if you so desire) your partner will never see your tummy. This is achieved by the unique patent-pending design and the detachable panty, among other fabulous features. Although not specifically made to be worn under clothing, some of our customers have reported that they did and they were able to disrobe their clothing with SexCies on (fun)!

Suzy originally created SexCies for C-sectioned Mommas like herself; those who were self-conscious during intimacy due to the “flap” that resulted from their surgery (and that 95% of women who have Cesareans suffer from). Please be advised that no matter which  abdominal surgery you have, you MUST wait until your scar is completely healed before using your SexCies CorCelette. We suggest you speak with your Doctor to determine when the best time is for you to resume sexual activity (we feel the “six week rule” is there for a reason; your muscles, uterus, etc MUST heal properly before you get back to the bedroom, otherwise there is a chance you could compromise the healing process).

Is this a C-section panty? (This question was added on 6/8/2012 in response to remarks Rosie Pope made about SexCies on her show, “Pregnant in Heels” on Bravo).

No, it is not! C-section panties have an entirely different purpose, and they can be worn during the healing process, while SexCies is not ever, EVER to be worn until after your scar is completely healed; after the 6 week post-partum period (sorry to put such a find point on this, but evidently some are completely misunderstanding the point of our product)!  We absolutely love and recommend Czela Bellies Cesarean Wear, which Suzy used herself immediately after her Cesarean.

Is this like Spanx ™…for sex?!

We are a big fan of traditional shapewear, but SexCies is nothing like it. A SexCies CorCelette has 5 different features to achieve shaping results, and our lingerie doesn’t have the look or feel of regular shapewear.

Think of it this way: “Shapewear” makes you look good with your clothes on, “SexCies” makes you look good with your clothes off! 😉

**Why should every woman own SexCies?   (We are going to be blunt about this, sorry)

First, pretty much every woman has regular shapewear in their wardrobe. Why is this? Because we want to feel confident and (let’s face it) be attractive to the opposite sex. So, let’s say we wear our trusty shapewear, meet our goal, and and we find ourselves about to be intimate (whether for the first time or after 25 years of marriage).  What happens?

Everything about our bodies/tummies we took such pains to hide is now completely exposed!

We need shapewear when it matters the most, that is, in the bedroom!! That is why SexCies is the next revolution in woman’s apparel…in the 90’s, came regular shapewear for day-wear, now in 2012, we can have it at night (or in the afternoon, if you favor the nap-time quickie). 😉

Do you think this is telling women they should be ashamed of their bodies?

Absolutely NOT! We think a woman’s body is a work of art in all forms. However, Suzy created this because she understood what it is like to feel self-conscious about one’s tummy, and wanted to help other women who feel the same way. Hear her explain her feelings about this here.

Is there anything else like this?  Can I get a knock-off anywhere?

SexCies is a unique concept and product; we have yet to find anything like it! SexCies CorCelette and other (yet to be released) styles are patent-pending, so you will not find a similar or cheaply-made product in the marketplace.

What is your “Glow Guarantee”?

If you don’t absolutely think that this is the most body-flattering lingerie you have ever worn, we will gladly issue a refund! We are proud to say as of this date we have had NO returns and NO bad reviews (what company can say that?!)

How did you come up with the idea?

It’s a great story! You can see how Suzy came up with the idea here.

Do you have any other styles or colors? 

We have other styles that we will be releasing in 2012. Right now the CorCelette only comes in black, so it can easily be matched with the lingerie (bra, stockings) you already own. We are open to more colors and prints, would love your input!

Are you in stores yet?

Right now we are only available online. We plan to expand into stores and boutiques soon.

What if I want to sell SexCies?

If you are a business owner interested in carrying our line, please contact us. If you are an individual, we currently have an affiliate program, please inquire here.

I believe in what you are can I help?

We love it when women spread the word! We most appreciate comments on our Facebook page and especially like it when our Mamacitas let the networks know about our vision of reconnecting partners.

Can I invest?

Currently putting together an investment package, please at suzymac (at) shapewear-lingerie (dot) com with “INVEST” in the subject line.

How do you give back?

A portion of every sale is given to cancer research.

Are you “green”?

We do not believe in waste! All fabric is trimmed responsibly leaving no remnants that aren’t re-purposed.  We use organic cotton and are constantly seeking enviro-friendly fabrics.

*Do you have any tips or tricks to help me improve my libido or intimate life?

Yes, yes, yes!! Not only does Suzy have a wealth of informative articles and tips to help you, she also blogs herself about her experiences to assist her “Mamacitas” in enriching their love lives. Click on the right to have her blog as your RSS feed, as well as join her Facebook page and Twitter feed, and definitely sign up to be a VIP (for awesome discounts..your email will NEVER be shared). You will not be disappointed!


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