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Dear God: A Please And Thank You From This Stay-At-Home Mom

Please don’t let me run out of the house again without first seeing the large poop stain on the front thigh of my jeans.

Dear God: A Please And Thank You From This Stay-At-Home Mom)Please have my husband still find me sexy, even without my make-up.

Please don’t let the mailman see me again, without my make-up.

Please help me keep it together, and stop me from fulfilling my fantasy of running from the house screaming when things get really tough.

Please stop my mouth from watering when I imagine a Chardonnay at 10:30 am.

PLEASE let me have time for a shower today (only You know how long it’s been).

Please let me remember that although the finger-swipe-in-the-diaper is a great way to see if it needs changed, favorable results don’t always follow.

Please let me be a comfort to my little ones when they are as sick as they are.

Please let my husband stop stressing out about money, and letting me hear about it again….and again…and again…

Please let me have the energy to play with the kids the games they want, not just the ones I suggest because I don’t want to do the other ones.

Please let me keep my sense of humor when I am knee-deep in boogers.

Please let my kids know, even thought I am not Mom of the year, how much they are loved.

Thank you  for letting me find  (just as I was pulling my hair out) my 2 year old baby washing his teddy’s hands in the sink (awwww…) Thank you also for allowing me to discover this before I had to call a plumber.

Thank you for having the wipes close by when I used the finger-swipe-in-the-diaper technique.

Thank you for letting me notice when I didn’t get it all from under my fingernails.

Thank you for reminding me (via the global news) how fortunate and lucky we are.

Thank you for the beautiful picture I was able to snap today of my 4 year old cuddling our cat.

Thank you for the email I got from one of my customers today saying how my invention changed her life…it makes it all worth it.

Thank you for letting me see over my laptop while typing this that the cat-cuddle was a ruse; my pre-schooler was about to pour bubble solution over our feline (and thanks for giving the strength to get out of my chair and stop it).

Thank you for a husband who works as hard as he does.

Thank you for Mucinex Cough medicine. It rocks.

Thank you for stopping me from running out of the house today screaming.

Thank you for having my kids know how much they are loved.


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  1. DeVonne Batts, July 12, 2012
    Go sure does have a way of looking out for us Mommies when we need it the most. Reply

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