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“Confessions of a Naughty Mommy” by Heidi Raykeil

As I have said before, I am a huge fan of Ian Kerner’s and Heidi Raykeil’s “Love in the Time of Colic; the New Parents’ Guide to Getting It On Again” (notice the 5 star rating on Amazon) as it takes a practical, funny, and sometimes poignant look at the challenges new parents face in connecting with each other. I saw Ian on The Today Show’s 4th Hour with Hoda and Kathie Lee and found he had an arsenal of tips for parents dying to “go to Poughkeepsie” (Kathie Lee’s term) but are having a difficult time due to the demands of baby. Who couldn’t love a guy who wrote a book called, “She Comes First”?

Having enjoyed the book so much, I wanted to get even more tips to pass on so I grabbed a copy of “Confessions of a Naughty Mom“. I can’t put it down!  I have a strongly held belief she and I were switched at birth (thyroid and testosterone issues, too, girlfriend?) and after every page I think, ‘Exactly!’   With humor and honesty she bares her soul, and offers hope for the rest of us..we can get our sexy back!  In her words, she wants to “let all those other sexy, tired, uptight, dry, stretched, sewn, poked, pulled, milked, saggy, hot, hairy, awesomely unstoppable mamas out there know they’re not alone.” Bless her naughty heart.


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