Why was “Shapewear for the Bedroom” created?

After my daughter was born via an emergency C-section, I found myself lying on the operating table, grateful for the end of such a traumatic …


What is “Shapewear for the Bedroom”?

It is a new revolution for women!
It is shapewear built into lingerie designed to be worn during intimate times to cover and flatten tummy fat, …


Who is Shapewear for the Bedroom for?

Any woman self-conscious about her tummy, no matter what size she is, but especially for women who have:

Given birth

Lost or Gained Weight

Cesarean Surgery (C-sections)

Cancer Surgery …


What will “Shapewear for the Bedroom” do?

What will SexCies do for you?

You will feel more Confident (that’s the “C” in SexCies)

You will feel uninhibited

You will no longer worry about the look …


How does Shapewear for the Bedroom do it?

Exciting patent-pending features:
(To see the YouTube video of each feature, click on its title)

The Fold Flattener(tm) This special material within targets, covers, and flattens …


Where can I get Shapewear for the Bedroom?

SexCies patent-pending Shapewear for the Bedroom is only available online, and we are the only company that sells a product like it.
Click here to …


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