It’s the new revolution; intimacy apparel

SexCies’ CorCelette has the control of shapewear, the look of lingerie…and the comfort of  fleece pajamas!

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Originally designed for C-section Moms, the CorCelette is perfect for any woman who wants to boost her confidence in the bedroom! Comprised of top-quality imported Satin D’hauteur, with high performance stretch knit fabric and underlying powernet, this garment is made sturdy but looks delicate and feminine… he will never know it’s really shapewear!

Moms were kept in mind during all phases of development; exciting is the “smile” curve of the bottom of SexCies, which is specially shaped to follow below the C-section incision, ensuring the scar and more importantly, the “flap” and folds are covered, yet is still high enough to wear during intimacy. For the woman who has never had a Cesarean, she can still be assured that all parts of her abdomen gets coverage, especially the lower abdominal area which can “pooch” out after a traditional birth.

One of the best features of the CorCelette is its adjustability, which is wonderful for new Moms with the natural post-partum weight fluctuations! Luxurious faux fur hand-stitched underneath the CorCelette minimizes irritation on a C-scar caused by regular fabric. For those without scars, the fur is an enjoyable touch as it pampers the skin and prevents friction from intimate movement.

As an added bonus, SexCies boasts a “secret” eyelet underneath the flirty satin ruffle on the hem, which can be used as an option to include in lacing. This in order to give “extra” control and security; traditionally C-sectioned women were advised to hold a pillow against their tummy during intimacy, this helps to serve the same purpose!

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If you have any questions about SexCies, please email them to, include your number, and Suzy will call you back personally to answer them!

Care Instructions:
Hand Wash Cold
Lay Flat to Dry
Panty Portion May Be Machine Washed On Cold setting


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