What will SexCies do for you?

  • You will feel more Confident (that’s the “C” in SexCies)
  • You will feel uninhibited
  • You will no longer worry about the look of your post-baby or C-section “flap”
  • You will want to keep the lights on
  • If it is the post-partum period, you will feel better about your body than you did before you had the baby
  • You will want to initiate intimacy
  • You will feel more beautiful
  • You will be more relaxed, which will make it easier to “get there” 😉
  • Nothing below your breasts will be flapping or jiggling
  • In any position you will feel more “secure”
  • Your scars (if you have them) will be soothed and have little (if any) irritation

Ever wear a “fitness belt” during exercise? SexCies serves the same purpose; essentially isolating your core and burning more calories during “activity” with your partner

How will this benefit your partner?

  • He will love the way you look in your SexCies
  • He will be blown away by your Confidence
  • He will be pleasantly surprised that you “thought of him” (although we all know we did it for us)
  • He will be less worried about getting his hand slapped away for touching a no-no tummy spot (you know we all do it)
  • He will appreciate your enthusiasm and energy
  • He will never have to hear you complain about your body (which he thinks is beautiful no matter what..but no one wants to hear self-deprecating comments)
  • He will be amazed you have more drive than him
  • He will have no idea that your SexCies lingerie is actually doing the same job as shapewear, or that you bought it for that purpose (we won’t tell him, either)

I heard some of the best advice during an interview with Dee Snider’s wife (“Twisted Sister” lead singer), of whom he has been married (and faithful to) for almost 25 years..

Wait….25 years married to a rock star who keeps faithful to her?! I’m listening…

“The best way to keep him interested and staying with only you, is to be not only his wife, but act as his “mistress“..that will guarantee he won’t go out and get one”

….she also stated that on a regular basis she does things like leave him love notes in his pockets..along with the occasional sexy panty or two.

Kudos…you GO, girl!


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