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Am I saying you SHOULD feel self-conscious about your tummy?


I am reposting this (I had written it right after the launch):

After the controversy died down (for now), I really have been thinking about my customers, my “Mamacitas”. I was sickened when some bloggers accused me (thinking I was a big faceless corporation) of “taking advantage of womens insecurities” with my shapewear that is disguised as lingerie meant to be worn during intimacy to hide our abdominal folds, puckering, and fat.

It really got my thinking…

I can see how the SexCies product and my company comes off as “Here, we think you are beautiful just the way you are but here is our lingerie to cover up your fat”. I really can, especially since I am not there to explain to each new person who sees the product why I made it. I can see why feminists think I am throwing us back into the 50’s, as we should be at a point in our society where we can accept a woman’s body the way it is.

I wish.

I WISH we lived in a society where stretch marks, puckering, and flappy bellies were considered beautiful. I WISH people would look at cellulite and say, “Wow, good for her..this shows how many kids she has had to bear and take care of”. I WISH we lived in some places in Africa, where my Mom (who went in the 60’s) would tell stories about the bigger the woman, the more attractive she was to the men. I WISH, I WISH, I WISH.

But we don’t.

We live in a society where there is a mulit-BILLION cosmetic industry. We live in a society where low-carb, counting calories, and starving ourselves in the name of thin has become the norm. We also live in a society where porn is a multi-BILLION dollar a year industry, as well…see the pattern here?

Please, my precious Mamacitas, understand that I am NOT calling you fat, or saying that you are anything other than actualized, amazing, and incredible women who should be revered as the fabulous Goddesses you are. I wish we weren’t self-conscious about are tummies, and wish we didn’t feel we had to be if they aren’t “perfect”.

What I am saying? Even though I think that you “SHOULDN’T” feel this way, I understand why you DO. I do, too! So here I am, trying to get a product out that keeps our mind off our tummies in the bedroom and focusing on the intimacy with our partner. “SexCies gives you Confidence” is one of my slogans.

So I am raising my glass to you, Mamacitas, my sweet sisters who endure so much, with love for every pucker, stretch mark, scar and fold, you will always be beautiful to me ((hug)).

With love for my Mommas,



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